SeaFil™ T-Shirt (Tone on Tone)

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This t-shirt perfectly embodies our mission by combining performance and decarbonized materials from the oceans. Its main material is made from organic cotton, making it an excellent choice for everyday use or as a base layer under other clothes. It features our iconic emblem in a tone-on-tone embroidery version SeaFil™ (the first embroidery thread made from reclaimed Breton fishing nets). An iodized piece that meets the demands of daily challenges.

Léa is 1.70m tall and weighs 54kg, she is wearing a size XS.

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Mother-of-pearl®, which embodies the strength and fragility of the oceans, but also our culture of experimenting with materials. It is applied directly by hand in our Lab in Brittany.

After more than a year of testing, we have developed SeaFil™, the first high-performance yarn, directly derived from the recovery of used Breton fishing nets. It forever embodies our desire to develop high-performance and decarbonized materials that have not yet been exploited. Each embroidery is individually affixed directly in our SeaLab.

PS: The fishing nets are collected from partner fishermen located on our Brittany coast.

Organic cotton is soft, comfortable and durable, making it a great choice for everyday use or as a base layer under other clothes. Also, the production of organic cotton promotes the capture of CO2 in the soil.

Made in our Lab with our fabric scraps (100% recycled). Reusable on a daily basis during your outings, with its quick and secure opening.